Gurimon as guests at Shonan Radio

Next Monday, Gurimon will be guests at Shonan Radio, 3:30 PM.
Via the link above, you´re be able to listen to it online or via their app. Available on Google Play and the App Store


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Gurimon joined WDI

GREEN EYED MONSTER has great news today! They joined World Domination, Inc.
WDI for short, is a korean record label, based in Seoul. 
I´m really proud and happy to see, they get more and more attention around the world


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New Shows in Korea

Green Eyed Monster are going to Korea next month for two shows, together with “Whatever that means”. The Schedule has been updated with the information about the Venue and Date. 

∗ This page is going to get a renewal, so please stay tuned for the layout and content


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Gurimon are back in Japan

Yesterday in the afternoon, Gurimon and Wait for Sunlight arrived saftey in Japan. According to their posts, they absolutley enjoyed their stay in LA. From next week, their release tour starts again in Yokohama 7th Avenue and end in the same place, December 8th.

Furthermore, Anthony of Heart like War, shot a Music Video for Gurimon. Now we are all waiting for the release


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Copy Band Event with Gurimon?

According to the 7th Avenue Homepage, there is a Copy Band event on Saturday 13th. With TERASEA (I think, Kenta will be the Drummer) and Tamako Band (with Tamako and Yamaryu). Gurimon hasn´t confirmed anything yet, so its still a guess.  I have included the picture below. 

Just a little edit: Tamako told me that she and Kenta are Tamako Band (Yamaryu is not coming this time ) I´m not sure if Kenta is still the Drummer for TERASEA, but I think yes.


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Happy Birthday Kenta!!

Today is Gurimon´s Drummer Birthay. Kenta turns 35! We wish him all the best and lots of fun while partying


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