Name: Yamaryu
Birthday: February 13th
Role: Bassist, Chorus,  Writer
Likes: Ramen, Beer, Chocolate
Dislikes: Strawberry
Name: Tamako
Birthday: December 22nd
Role: Vocalist, Guitarist, Writer
Likes: Beer, Ramen, Cute girls, Guitar, Sweet stuff, warm countries
Dislikes: Cold rooms, Mushrooms
Name:  Kenta (*ΦωΦ*)
Birthday: May 22nd
Role: Drummer, Chorus
Likes: Ramen, Cats, Beer, Anime (Gundam, Evangelion), Star Wars, Slipknot, Luna Sea, Motorcycle, Chocolate
Dislikes: Cockroach, Celery, Umeboshi



formed in July 2011 by Yamaryu in Atsugi (Kanagawa Pref.)
In October 2011, Kenta joined as their drummer.

In 2013 they participated in many locations like Shibuya Tsutaya O-East, West, Critical Circuit Event “Hibikisai” and Nagoya´s biggest circuit event “Gold Rush”

2014, they released their first mini Album “Our Story goes on” including the tour named “Welcome to the monster Parade Tour” which was held in 27 cities in Japan.  In the same year, for the first time, they hold the Queen of Rock event. Now, eyery year in the beginning of august, this event will be held!

They catched a lot of attention as they released their Album “Jam” in 2015. After that, the “Cook down tour” started to promote their 2. mini album. 

From November 2016 till January 2017, they released their Singles C.Y.A (digital only!)  On January 22rd, they hold their 3rd one man live! After that, they had in total 73 lives, including, Queen of Rock, PartyxParty and The Place. From June till now, they release every month a new single of their Demomon Album. In late of 2017, they went to Spain, to rock together with Limber the Island Mallorca. October 2017, They were invited to attend the Unlimited Freedom Fes in Taiwan. It was their first time being there. 

On March 14th 2018, they released their 6th single “Hello”.  One month later, they went to another Taiwan tour together with Mainline 10 from Spain. 
On August 4th, they released their 3rd Mini Album “1minute match” on the same day as Queen of Rock was held.
From September 18th till October 6th, they are touring together with Oakman (France) around England, Scotland and France. The “1minute match” release tour will end in Yokohama 7th Avenue, December 23rd.

2019 ~
In 2019, they went in May to Spain, to rock the Island Mallorca again.  September 13th , they released their new Single “AS I AM”. In October, they went to America together with the japanese band “Wait for Sunlight” to tour with their friends “Heart like War” and “The Promise Drive. At the end of the year, they had their first appearance in Korea (Seoul) with “Whatever that means”. 

Due the pandemic all overseas Lives has been canceled.
In May, they joined the High Calorie Recording Label, run by their friend Suzu from the band Fatever.
In September, Tamako & Yamaryu joined the Kaminari Guitars 

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