Gurimon at Shonan Radio

In case if you have missed their radio appearance. Don´t worry! You can listen to it here

They were talking a little bit about the band, the new album and going overseas. 


Date: 12 March 2018 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Media
Gurimon at Radio Shonan

GREEN EYED MONSTER have an appearance at the Shonan Radio (Fujisawa) on March 12th. The show will aired at 3:30PM  I´m doing my best to record their show somehow 


Date: 7 March 2018 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Media
Release date of the 6th Single Announced!

Gurimon hasn´t updated this information on their official homepage yet, but Kenta retweeted the article on Twitter 

Release Date: March 14th      
01. Hello
02. Sleepyhead
03. To close


Date: 26 February 2018 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: New Release
BBQ feat “The Rattlekidz” & “The Sala”

I went to Nagoya to see “Rattlekidz” last live and I was happy, when they entered the stage while Gurimon performed their BBQ. Even Hiroko San from “The Sala” appeared on stage. You can see the video here


The next big event is Yamaryu´s Birthday next Tuesday. My present for him arrived today and I hope that he will like it. 

Date: 7 February 2018 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Lives, Videos
Inofficial Merchandise and new shedule added

Kenta has posted a new live shedule for february on Twitter. They will appear at the Thunder Snake in Atsugi, together with Eyes Means Nothing 


Date: 24 January 2018 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Lives
Officially online and pics of their first Live 2018!

We can proudly announce, that we are officially online since 1/11. The date has been choosen because it was also the first live of Gurimon this year. 

Some pics are uploaded on Instagram and Twitter already and much more will be uploaded into the gallery ASAP. 

If you are near Tokyo tomorrow, don´t miss their live in Shimokitazawa. More informations can be found here


Date: 12 January 2018 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: News, Pictures