X-Mas Project 2019

The X-Mas project for Gurimon was a fully success!  
The weight of it was almost 4kg and while building it, my arms were still shaking, because it was too heavy for me I needed 3 times to build it, and 2 times rebuilding it (I don´t know who, but someone destroyed it). 


∗ 10 cans beer
∗ 10 lights
∗ 10 christmas balls (with the logo of the bands)
∗ 1 Star
∗ 1 Lametta



19 December 2019   Chrissy    Reports     Comments Off on X-Mas Project 2019

Yamaryu´s Birthday Party

February 13th was Yamaryu´s and Miu´s Birthday Party. Because he turned 30 this year, I´ve decided to make something special. 



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